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Personalized Holistic Skin Care & Nutrition Coaching

Aligned with where you are right now, we create your personal, approachable and effective skin care, nutrition and lifestyle routines  so you regain the balanced skin, body & spirit you’re in love with. 

Is it your skin that causes troubles or is it how you treat it? No miracle potions, no this-fixes-it-all treatment, no ten step skincare routine or harsh chemicals. You will learn how to listen to your skin so that you know what it needs from you.

Our biggest organ is constantly communicating with us – that rash, dry patch or breakout you get is a sign that something is up. Did you know our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it? Like any other organ, our skin is supposed to work just fine and you are supposed to feel great in it! We focus on helping your skin to become independent again through creating your personal, approachable and effective skincare routine and product knowledge. But let us not forget…

You can eat yourself to health or to sickness. As food is creating the building blocks of your every tissue, we create healthy skin through inner and outer care; products, food & lifestyle.

Our work together will not include a quick fix, no on and off dieting, no counting calories or 24/7 gym. Just learning how to make the right choices for your unique self so that you can regain control over your well-being and skin health through the food on your plate and habits around it. Food creates any and every building block in our body. That is why it is such a powerful tool to create a healthy, withstanding, energized and energetic skin, body and spirit. Balanced skin, healthy weight and better stamina are just some of many positive side effects.

We are all unique. Our work together will always be based on your personal potential aka body constitution. Because one size doesn’t fit all right? I will help you along the way with all of it.

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1:1 Coaching

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Monthly Membership

Expert Panels, live Q&As and a supportive community is awaiting you! We meet regularly online for Q&As check in and follow up on your skincare & lifestyle routines so you stay on track with your holistic self care journey.

Our  three meetings a month are a powerful tool for you to constantly be on top of your routines. This is your direct way to me, your holistic skincare professional and nutritionist, other skin care and wellness experts and a super supportive community of other powerful women that are on a similar journey. Lets empower and learn from each other! Learn more here.

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Holistisk Hudvårdsvecka

(Swedish online event) SHH är ett online event där Sveriges främsta hudvårdsexperter berättar om hur du kan ta hand om din hud på ett naturligt och helhetstänkande sätt för optimal hudhälsa. 

Sveriges Holistiska Hudvårdsvecka är ett årligt återkommande online event; sju dagar fyllda med spännande och lärorika expertsamtal om hud och hälsa och perfekt för dig som vill hitta din väg i hudvårdsjungeln och skapa en frisk hud du stortrivs med!
Läs mer här.

A free online event packed full of incredible insights, actionable tips and essential skin knowledge to help you feel confident in your skin.

Whether your skin condition, you’ll discover tons of life changing insights and learn how to implement natural and holistic skincare approaches to your unique skin and situation.

World-class holistic skin care and wellness experts share how you can create healthy skin from a place of self love, intuition and knowledge so that you will never feel overwhelmed, confused and helpless again when it comes to taking care of your skin.
Read more here.

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Skin Body Spirit Summit

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Facial Treatments

This is more than a facial. We focus on the deep healing ability touch has for skin, soul and body and use purely natural single ingredients in this deeply relaxing and releasing treatment.

If we happen to be in the same spot on our beautiful earth, I would love to invite you to experience true skin poetry. The most intimate and loving gift I can share. Touch, sound, smell, lymph flow, muscle tension release, abundance of nurture and nutrients… Heart opening. Your whole upper chest, arms, hands and face are treated during our one hour twenty minutes long holistic facial. We deep cleanse without stripping your skin, peel without damaging, we work your muscles to release tension and constantly stimulate your lymphatic flow to unclog blockages for maximal absorption of a personalized mask which is enhanced by a steamed herbal compress. We finish our Pure Skin Poetry Session with nutrient dense and protective plant oils and extracts. I welcome you from all my heart <3
Contact me for availability.

Free of charge, I am directly reachable at any time and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can to answer any quick questions and support you if you feel stuck or in doubt. This does not compare nor replace coaching and rather is a direct contact line to me.
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” Skin care is about more than vanity, it’s the start of an empowering journey to self-love and holistic well-being “

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Did You Know?

Did you know that ecological means more than not using chemicals on our crops? Ecology is the biological study of interactions among organisms and their environment – the collaboration between humans, animals and nature. Our personal choices effect not just our individual self but the whole, big and complex ecosystem we call Earth, our habitat, which is our only home. The better our planet, the more we can thrive individually and ultimately, together. One for all, all for one.

I always work from that holistic perspective so we can help each other making better choices starting with what we put on our plates, in and on our bodies. Life is wonderful and meant to be lived to the fullest! We all deserve to feel great in our skin and be well. The power lies within our hands – your hands. I am here to provide you with the tools and being a companion along some part of your amazing journey to become more of your happy, healthy, vital self!


Grant yourself to be important enough to love yourself.

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