Figure Out Your Uniqueness

Knowing and understanding what makes you and your brand unique, helps you to communicate and attract your customers in a authentic and sustainable way. Remember, your product or service is most probably not unique but YOU are! It is not about what you sell but rather how.

This worksheet helps you figure out what others see in you (and you might not see yourself) so that you can fully lean into exactly that uniqueness, making your biz more you – more unique!

My Favourite Services

Holistic Skin Care & Nutrition

Affordable Web Design Within Days

Why is it so expensive, complicated and incomprehensible to build a website? Being self-employed myself in the health industry, I know exactly how frustrating and time consuming this can be. Which is exactly why I help other small businesses to get up their website within a few days -simple, cheap, functional and understandable.

Monthly Skin Care Membership

Do you have a lot of unanswered questions about skincare and want a direct access to experts? The Holistic Skin Health (HSJ) membership comes with a monthly live expert panel, Q&A sessions and holistic skin health recourses to help you implement skin supporting routines and habits. Finally own your skin health choices and feel confident.

Skin Body Spirit Summit
Free Online Event

Never feel frustrated, lost or overwhelmed about your skin ever again! Skin Body Spirit Summit is a free online event where 25+ of the best holistic skin care and wellness experts in the industry teach you how to take care of your skin from a place of love, knowledge and intuition so you finally can feel confident in the skin you are in!

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