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I’m so exited you’re here! My name is Andrea and I wonder if…​

…you know the feeling of being lost in choices on what’s best for you? You’ve tried it all but still, it seems like your skin is living it’s own life ignoring whatever you try to do, your energy level is a roller coaster and you feel overwhelmed when shopping? You just want to finally know what you can do to feel and look radiant every day (well, the vast majority of days at least) once and for all!? 

I specialize in the strong connection between food and skin-health; well-being, habits, intuition, self-care routines, food choices and every day balance and energy. I also believe that you already know what’s best for you,  and help you reflect and act on it.

Through my holistic approach, we deep-dive into your needs and your habits and lifestyle around it. Together we create a synergy of health enhancing habits and tap into a self-love journey where you learn to hear yourself again so you can understand what your skin and body need. By doing so, you will rediscover your own ability to create balance so you can feel great again!

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” Skin care is about more than vanity, it’s the start of an empowering journey to self-love and holistic well-being “

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Want to feel good in your skin?

You have tried it all but your skin still lives it’s own life no mater what? Does that make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, helpless and confused?

That. Has. To. Stop.

I want you to feel empowered, to feel really good in your skin. I want you to know WHAT you can do when your skin is acting all cray cray again. Let’s discover what your skin health journey working side by side with your own personal Holistic Skin Care & Nutrition Coach would look like:

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I Can Help You Through

Personalized Holistic Skin Care & Nutrition Coaching

one on one holistic skin care coaching andrea endres

1:1 Coaching

Aligned with where you are right now, we create personal, approachable and effective lifestyle routines focusing on holistic skin care, nutrition and mindset for overall well-being.

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accountability skin care coaching

Holistisk Hudvårdsvecka

(Swedish event) På Sveriges Holistiska Hudvårdsvecka berättar Sveriges främsta hudvårdsexperter om hur du kan ta hand om din hud på ett naturligt och helhetstänkande sätt. 

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Skin Body Spirit

Is an annual FREE online event where I interview international natural skincare and wellness experts to help you become confident in all things holistic skin care.

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holistic facial andrea endres

Facial Treatments

More than a facial. We focus on the deep healing ability touch has for skin, soul and body and use purely natural single ingredients. Deep relaxing and releasing treatment.

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4 Reasons why online coaching is:


Meeting online is more affordable for you than going for treatments or a studio. Additionally, it will save you trial and error hunting for products.


Our work together is more effective because we focus on daily routines instead of occasional salon treatments or a dieting plan. 


Through personal or group accountability you will easier keep up with your new routines. We’re in this together.


Easy access through direct online communication, tailored advice and coaching. No dependency on a fixed location.

My Holistic Philosophy

A thriving planet is created through thriving inhabitants and vice versa

All for One
One for All

Our personal health is directly connected to the health of our environment and society and vice versa.

Inside Out
Outside In

Good skin, vibrant health and a radiating soul comes from several inner and outer factors that are up to us to choose.

Less Is More
Few Make Many

I focus on multifunctionality and resource saving products to save money, space, mother earth and your sanity.


Grant yourself to be important enough to love yourself.

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